The situation in Ukraine and Russia

The situation in Ukraine and Russia as well as the following sanctions issued by the international community, affect those of our customers who are travelling or are expatriated in both countries.

This means that Gouda Alarm can have great difficulty in helping in case of an injury, and the possibilities of being treated medically in the countries or being repatriated will be very uncertain.

The challenge is of course different in Ukraine and Russia, respectively:


Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, we are discouraging entry into Ukraine in the same way as the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you still choose to travel into the country at the moment, or have you as a expatriate chosen to stay in Ukraine, we also point out that there will be limited coverage under the insurance, and there will be no coverage for evacuation and claims arising directly from the war situation or the like.

However, as always, Gouda Alarm will try to help in the best possible way under the current conditions.

Read more about the situation here: Ukraine (


Due to the country's invasion of Ukraine and the consequent sanctions issued by the international community, Gouda's ability to transfer money to the country is very limited. For travelers or expatriates in Russia, this means that Gouda Alarm will not always be able to guarantee payment in the event of illness or injury, which is why you must to a certain extent plan to be able to settle with doctors, hospitals, etc. yourself.

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travel to Russia, which means that the insurance coverage according to the insurance conditions is limited.

If you continue to stay in Russia and need assistance from us, Gouda Alarm are ready to help at phone +45 3315 6060.

Read more about the situation here: Russia (