File a Claim

How do I file the claim?

Fill out the claim form that fits your needs. The claim form must be printed out and sent by post. Our turnaround time is approx. 5-10 days, but in high season it may take a little longer to process your claim.

Remember to write your policy number on the claim form, it makes it easier for us to identify what type of insurance you have.

If you have more than one claim to file, we recommend that you fill out a separate claim form for each claim. It makes it easier - both for you and for us.

Attach extra description

If you are unsure about how to fill out an item, please feel free to attach a description to the claim form. This applies even if you can not fit it all on the form. You are also welcome to write on the back of the form.

Attach all original receipts

Remember that the documentation must be original. Please keep a copy for yourself.

Are you expatriated?

Please state clearly the name of the person that has been seen by the doctor together with the date of the consultation. Please describe the reason for the medical consultation. What was the diagnosis and what was the treatment?

Contact us

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call, write or e-mail us.

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