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Is repatriation cover included in my insurance policy?

Repatriation cover is included with the following Gouda Business products:

  • Flex Business
  • Annual Business
  • Global Business

If you would like to know more about what is covered by your insurance, you are always welcome to contact us.

Chronic condition or illness before departure?

Our travel insurance policies cover treatment costs associated with acute onset of illness. If you have a chronic condition or pre-existing illness, you must have been stable for two months prior to departure in order to get full insurance cover.

If you have not been stable for two months, you have the option to apply for prior approval, in order to clarify whether or not you will be covered for the illness during your trip.

Offer regarding prior approval
You have the option to apply for prior approval if, within the last two months up to departure, you:

  • Have been admitted to hospital
  • Have seen a doctor for something other than a normal checkup
  • Have been prescribed a change to your medication (e.g. a different dosage, discontinuation or initiation of new medication)
  • Have been prescribed, referred to or are on a waiting list for an assessment/treatment

If you have answered yes to one or more of the above, you have the option to apply for prior approval.
If you have answered no, there is no need to apply for prior approval.

You will receive a written response to the application for prior approval, so that you know, prior to travelling, whether or not you are covered during your trip:

  • Unconditional prior approval, which means that you are fully covered for your illness and any subsequent consequences
  • Conditional prior approval with reservations, which means that there will be exclusions for cover of your pre-existing condition or illness, but that you will be covered for all other acute illness and sudden injury
  • A rejection, which means that you cannot use a Gouda travel insurance policy on your trip

In some cases additional information may be required; if this is the case, you will receive an e-mail from us.

Prior approval form 

Download prior approval form