Clause 1: Medical Expenses

Cl. 1.0
The policy covers claims arising from acute illness or injury during stay in Schengen countries. The maximum compensation under this coverage amounts to DKK 250.000.

Cl. 1.1
The scope of coverage:
The insurance covers the below mentioned reasonable and necessary expenses caused by acute illness or injury, which has
occurred during the stay:

Cl. 1.1.1
Medical treatment and medicine prescribed by a duly authorised physician.

Cl. 1.1.2
Hospitalisation including room and board in a standard Danish ward and hospital treatment as prescribed by a physician,
including operations.

Cl. 1.1.3
Treatment by an officially licensed physiotherapist, chiropractor or other nonmedical practitioner up to a total amount
maximum DKK 5,000.

Cl. 1.1.4
Urgent and acute dental treatment by a duly authorised dentist. 50% of the expenses is covered, up to a maximum of
DKK 2,500.

Cl. 1.1.5
Reasonable and documented additional expenses for hotel stay as prescribed by a

Cl. 1.1.6
Ambulance transport from the illness/accident scene to the place of treatment and return (including air ambulance provided that Gouda or the Emergency Center approves this).

Cl. 1.1.7
In case of death, all expenses for transport of the deceased to the country of citizenship
are covered, including expenses in connection with any statutory requirements
for such transport.

Cl. 1.2
The insurance does not cover any expenses incurred in connection with:

Cl. 1.2.1
Medical expenses incurred for any disease, illness or injury known to the policyholder
and/or the insured at the time of application.

Cl. 1.2.2
Treatment of chronic or existing ailments, which, within the 6-month period immediately prior to the arrival to Schengen
countries have caused hospitalisation assessment/treatment (which does not form part of a control routine) by a physician, or
altered medication.

Cl. 1.2.3
Treatment of chronic or existing ailments, if the insured have failed to consult a physician or refused or discontinued
treatment for the ailment, irrespective of whether the insured must have known or assumed that the ailment required
treatment or that the insured’s condition had essentially deteriorated, a physician has discontinued your treatment or refused to
treat your condition, you have been selected for, referred to or entered on a waiting list for assessment/treatment, have
failed to keep an appointment for control during the past 6 months.

Cl. 1.2.4
Treatment or stay at the time when the insured refuses to allow himself/herself to be repatriated against the advice of Gouda’s or the Emergency Centre’s Attending medical practitioner.

Cl. 1.2.5
Treatment or stay in the event that the insured does not follow the attending medical practitioner’s advice on treatment.

Cl. 1.2.6
Dental treatment, cf. clause Cl. 1.5 in the event the insured has not followed normal dental care with regular examination and

Cl. 1.2.7
Induced abortion.

Cl. 1.2.8
Birth or any illness arising as consequences of pregnancy which occurs after the 24th week of the pregnancy.

Cl. 1.2.9
Treatment or operation, which the insured knew at the time of arrival, he/she had to undergo.

Cl. 1.2.10
Treatment or complications of HIV or AIDS, also including examination of symptoms.

Cl. 1.2.11
Treatment or stay, which according to medical opinion could have been delayed until after the planned arrival, home.

Cl. 1.2.12
Treatment or replacement of prostheses.

Cl. 1.2.13
Stay at convalescent or health resorts.

Cl. 1.2.14
Medication not prescribed by a physician
and medication taken on a regular basis at
the time of arrival.

Cl. 1.3.15
Plastic surgery operations, cosmetic operations or treatment of complications or complications in connection with these,
unless the operation is a direct consequence of an accident which requires hospitalisation within 24 hours of the occurrence of the accident.

Cl. 1.2.16
Treatment after leaving Schengen countries.

Clause 2: Personal liability (during stay in the Schengen countries)

Cl. 2.0
The maximum compensation under this coverage amounts to DKK 5 mill. for damage to persons and DKK 2 mill. for
damage to property.

Cl. 2.1
The insurance provides cover if, subject to Danish Law, you incur liability to pay compensation for bodily injury or damage to property, in accordance with the ordinary rules for liability to pay compensation governing non-contractual liability.

Cl. 2.2
The total amounts stated in Cl. 2.0 constitute the upper limit for Gouda’s liability for a single claim even though liability is imposed upon several persons and even though the event is covered by one or more policies taken out with Gouda.

Cl. 2.3
In addition, costs in connection with settlements of questions of damages are covered provided these have previously
been agreed with Gouda.

Cl. 2.4
Damages in a hotel room are covered to maximum DKK 25,000 per incident provided the damaged articles have been in the keeping of the insured.

Cl. 2.5
The insured must not accept liability to pay out damages or acknowledge a claim for damages. Lack of compliance to this demand may lead to the insured loosing his/her rights under this policy. Gouda must immediately be informed of the insurance event and will thereafter decide on the further action to be taken in the matter.

Cl. 2.6
The insurance does not cover liability to damages:

Cl. 2.6.1
– for damages occurring in connection with working or business conditions.

Cl. 2.6.2
– for damages to or loss of own articles.

Cl. 2.6.3
– for damages as a consequence of that the insured, by agreement or otherwise, has taken on further responsibility than which is valid according to the common rules on liability to damages out with the contract.

Cl. 2.6.4
– for damages to items which the insured has on loan, rent, storage, usage, for transportation, processing, or otherwise in his/her keeping , except for the situations mentioned under clause Cl. 2.4.

Cl. 2.6.5
– for damages where the insured by contamination or otherwise infects other persons with a decease.

Cl. 2.6.6
– for damages caused by use of a motor vehicle, caravan or trailer, motor driven aircraft or vessel, or any vessel more than 3 metres long.

Cl. 2.6.7
– for damages caused to family or fellow traveller.

Cl. 2.6.8
– for damages caused by animals.

Clause 3: Common conditions

Cl. 3.0
The below mentioned conditions and exceptions apply for all the policy conditions (Cl. 1 – Cl. 2).

Cl. 3.1
The insurance covers the insured mentionedon the ”Gouda Travel Insurance Card(s)”.

Cl. 3.2
The expressions in Italics are defined in Clause C. Definitions.

Cl. 3.3
The insurance covers in the period of the insurance provided that the premium (including stamp duty) has been paid to

Cl. 3.4
The insurance covers only within Schengen countries. An additional fee of 25 % has to be paid for visits to the Faeroe Islands and Greenland. It is a condition for coverage that the policy has been taken out for the correct geographic coverage area.

Cl. 3.5
Unless otherwise specifically stated, the sums insured stated on the policy (front page) for the individual part-coverages (clauses) form the maximum limit of Gouda’s liability to pay out damages per holder of the insurance per event insured.

Cl. 3.6
The holder of the insurance and the insured are obliged to provide and submit information which by Gouda are considered
necessary in order to decide whether the injury is entitled to coverage and to which extent. The above includes police
statements, third party statements from for example hotel personnel and so on, but is not limited to such.

Cl. 3.7
For every injury:

Cl. 3.7.1
– Gouda’s physician has the right to seek information about the insured’s health and treatment from physicians or hospitals who
have treated the insured and, if necessary, to discuss the conditions as informed to Gouda with them. Gouda guarantees full
discretion for such information.

Cl. 3.7.2
– Gouda has the right to demand that the insured allows him/herself to be examined by Gouda’s physician or by a physician
appointed by Gouda. In case of death Gouda has the right to demand a postmortem examination. In this occasion Gouda will cover all costs for the above mentioned.

Cl. 3.8
It is a condition for coverage that the clauses described in the next section "Conditions in case of accident” are
observed. These conditions form an integrated part of the policy conditions.

Cl. 3.9
Expenses for transportation, which has not been arranged by Gouda, are maximum covered by the expenses Gouda would have
had by arranging the equivalent transportation. However, a maximum amount equal to the ticket price for ”business-class” on scheduled flights is paid.

Cl. 3.10
Rights in accordance to this insurance cannot be mortgaged or transferred without Gouda’s written consent.

Cl. 3.11
In the case of payments in accordance with the present policy, Gouda enters into all the insured’s rights in that respect. Gouda is
entitled to have recourse against third party as far as Gouda has paid out compensation. Gouda covers the costs in connection with an eventual recourse claim.

Cl. 3.12
Compensation is paid out immediately after Gouda has received the information regarded necessary in order to determine
Gouda’s obligations and the size of the compensation.

Cl. 3.13
The insurance does not cover claims:

Cl. 3.13.1
– Provoked by the insured by intention or by gross negligence, during self-inflicted intoxication or under the influence of drugs,
medication or another euphoria, unless it can be substantiated that the injury has no connection herewith. This exception applies
for any coverage under this policy irrespective of the insured’s state of mind at the time of the injury.

Cl. 3.13.2
– occurred in connection with the insured’s participation in scientific expeditions.

Cl. 3.14
The insurance does not cover:

Cl. 3.14.1
Pilots and co-pilots when airborne, employees of atomic plants during their business, plus any person during stays

Cl. 3.14.2
Claims occurring as a direct or indirect consequence of: strike lockout, detention, confiscation or other interventions carried
out by a public authority.

Cl. 3.14.3
Claims for damages covered by another insurance or by the public Danish health insurance.

Cl. 3.15
Coverage in case of war:

Cl. 3.15.1
The insurance does not cover damage occurring directly or indirectly as a consequence of war or warlike actions,
revolt or civil unrest.

Cl. 3.16
Coverage during usage and handling of radioactive material:

Cl. 3.16.1
The insurance does not cover damage occurring directly or indirectly as a consequence of usage or handling of
radioactive material.

Cl. 3.18
Cancellation of the insurance:

Cl. 3.18.1
After each reported damage both the holder of the insurance and the company are entitled to cancel the insurance with one
month notice of cancellation within 14 days after the payment of the compensation or after an damage has been rejected as not
being entitled to coverage.

Cl. 3.19

Cl. 3.19.1
Legal proceedings against Gouda must be instituted by the Copenhagen City Court (Københavns Byret) or by the Eastern

Conditions in case of accident

In the event the insured is put in an acute situation which concerns this travel insurance, please contact:

Gouda’s Alarm Centre
A.C. Meyers Vænge 9
DK-2450 København SV
Telephone +45 3315 6060
Fax +45 3315 6061
CVR-no.: 33 25 92 47

The Alarm Centre is open 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.

If the contact concerns illness or an accident, physicians are available ready to step in and start a dialogue with the
attending medical practitioner.

If normal advice and guidance is required before, during or after the journey, inquiries
can naturally be directed to Gouda Travel Insurance (Gouda Rejseforsikring).

If the insured, the employer or relatives plan to contact Gouda’s Emergency Centre by telephone, we recommend that the caller
spends a few moments before dialling to collect all relevant information (policy number, name and telephone number of
hospital/attending medical practitioner, diagnosis, eventual address of relatives etc.).

The schedule below explains what to do in case of injury and the necessary documentation to be obtained and produced when compensation is claimed in accordance with the policy.

The schedule must be compared with the text in the policy conditions, cf. Clause A above.

Event/InjuryWhat to do?
Hospitalisation Contact our Emergency Center as soon as possible, latest one day after hospitalisation. The Emergency Center can, if necessary, make sure that a payment guarantee be given to the hospital, which is treating the insured. 
Medical treatment If an attending medical practitioner has treated you, you can ask the attending medical practitioner to address the invoice to Gouda, or you can pay the attending medical practitioner for the treatment and subsequent forward a claims notice and Cl. 1.2 original attachments to Gouda for refund. Gouda can, if required, put up a guarantee to the attending medical practitioner. Irrespective of the mode of payment, the claims notice must be sent in as soon as possible. Under all circumstances remember to get all necessary documentation for your illness in the form of a medical certificate with diagnosis and information about any prescribed medication together with the original attachments for payment of the treatment and medication. 
Personal liability Gouda must immediately be informed of any event, which later could be assessed as leading to a damages claim from third party. It is important that the name and address of the possible claimant and any witnesses be informed to Gouda. Remember you must never accept liability to pay out damages. 
Illness or accident Contact our Emergency Center as soon as possible. It is a condition for Gouda's liability to pay out damages that the insured obtains from the attending medical practitioner the exact diagnosis and that the insured allows Gouda's practitioner access to all relevant case sheets. For single visits to a practitioner or purchase of medication, which does not exceed the equivalent value of approximately DKK 1,000, no contact to the Emergency Center is required. 


In the policy conditions several words and expressions are stated in Italics which means that these words and expressions are defined below.

The definitions apply irrespective of which linguistic form of the word or expression is used:

A sudden unintended and unexpected incident, causing identifiable personal injury.

Attending medical practitioner:
The practitioner (see definition) who attends the insured during his/her stay abroad. The Attending medical practitioner must have an authorization in the country where the insured is staying.

A person with whom the insured has lived a marriage like relationship and has had the same address in the Danish National Register during the last year.

Costs are the costs incurred in connection with disputes, which the insured is involved in and which can be heard in court, or arbitration, but not costs incurred by the insured during investigation whether there is basis to start a case.

Husband and wife/co-habitant together with their children who travel together and are all covered by a Gouda Travel Insurance.

Fellow traveller:
One or several persons travelling together with the insured and who are covered by a Gouda Travel Insurance.

Gouda Rejseforsikring is the Danish branch of Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, Norway 995 568 217, who carries the insurance risk. As of November 1st 2013 the activities of Gouda Travel Insurance in Denmark has been bought by Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, Norway and continues as a part of the Danish branch of Gjensidige.

The insurance period:
The insurance covers from the time when the insured arrives to a Schengen country, and expires when the insured leaves the Schengen countries.

Necessary treatment:
Necessary treatment is the treatment, which can stabilize the insured so he/she can carry out the planned journey or repatriation.

An educated and officially authorised physician not being the insured himself/herself and not being a relative to the insured.

Stay expenses:
The total documented reasonable additional expenses for hotel, living and local transportation etc.

Stamp duty is paid in accordance to The Danish Stamp Act Cl.70.